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8 Pieces of Furniture

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A series of 8 pieces of furniture, called SUPERFUTNIURE, represents messages from people who have been engaged in the history of the facility and the transformation of "POST Houston."

Proposal for Superfurniture

Design Competition for Houston POST

I proposed a surface graphic design for a series of 8 pieces of outdoor furniture for a new project that a former United States Postal Service (USPS) building in Houston will reborn as a new community hub, called "POST Houston." Eight chairs and tables made of gray steel, wrapped in blue representing POST Houston's brand color, remind us of envelopes and parcels formerly handled by USPS. The messages from people involved in POST Houston will be actually written down at each piece of the furniture and conveys their thoughts. The line connecting the three blues is drawn based on the topography of the site. By combining the contour lines in the 1930s when Houston's Grand Central Station was built with the current contour lines, the patterns for each piece of the furniture are created. POST Houston will convey a new message along with the thoughts of our predecessors as a cultural epicenter of Houston.

かつて米国郵政公社(USPS)として活躍していた建築が、新たなコミュニティハブ「POST Houston」に生まれ変わるにあたり、屋外に設置されるチェアとテーブルの表層デザインを提案しました。POST Houstonのブランドカラーである青色に包まれたスチール製のチェアとテーブルは、かつてUSPSで扱われていた手紙や小包を想起させます。これまでPOST Houstonに関わってきた先代の人々からの言葉を家具の一部に記し、彼らからのメッセージを届けます。異なるトーンの青色は、その場の等高線に基づき色分けされ、各家具のパターンが作成されています。先代のメッセージと共に、ヒューストンの新たな文化発信地となるように、という想いを込めデザインしました。


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