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An Exhibition For Myself

A series of “An Exhibition For Myself” made during quarantine is a record of my college days. All works were created and exhibited in my room.

Although I graduated from university in May 2020, the graduation exhibition was canceled under the influence of the pandemic. Therefore, from quarantine in my New York apartment, I decided to create "An exhibition for myself" to praise me for hard work in college life and encourage me to keep creating and challenging. All works were created, shot, and exhibited by myself in my room.

The first series is made by sketches that represent behind the scenes of the creative process of each project. The second part is the prop styling of the materials that I used for my projects. The final series is the exhibition of the projects at college. Each work is projected on tracing paper that was always with me during the college days.




Personal Project


Installation, Prop styling, Photo edit


An Exhibition For Myself 




Brooklyn, NY

Seriese 1 - Sketch Installation

Seriese 3 - Project Installation   

Seriese 3 - Project Installation   

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Seriese 2 - Material Prop Styling   


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