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Furniture Design
Personal Work, 2020

8 Pieces of Furniture at POST

I proposed a surface graphic design for a series of 8 pieces of outdoor furniture for a new project that a former United States Postal Service (USPS) building in Houston will reborn as a new community hub, called "POST Houston."
かつて米国郵政公社(USPS)として活躍していた建築が、新たなコミュニティハブ「POST Houston」に生まれ変わるにあたり、屋外に設置されるチェアとテーブルの表層デザインを提案しました。

Proposal for Superfurniture

Design Competition for Houston POST

Spatial Design
Studio Work at Fashion Institute of Technology, 2019


HARVEST is a pop-up cafe, offering the leaning experience through role-play work for teens and young adults. Through experimental programs, the cafe aims to cultivate an interest in food and provide sustainable and useful knowledge for them. In order to expand the possibility of experience, I installed technology such as an Interactive wall and an indoor smart garden.
Spatial Design
Studio Work at Fashion Institute of Technology, 2019 

Pop-Up Bank : Bank of America

The ideal on-campus free-standing pop-up banking assists students in not only everyday banking experiences but also the first step for their future career at the beginning stage of their financial journey.

Proposal for PAVE Design Challenge 2019

Spatial Design
Studio Work at Fashion Institute of Technology, 2018

Space 42

Designed a community space combining an open community space including an exhibition space, small cafe, and meeting space on the 1st floor, and the functional vertical studio on the 2nd floor for designers and clients.
Personal Work, 2016

The Blank

I created an installation that overlaps the concept of "white" with "back to where it all began." Using objects that I used for my creation, I expressed them as a way to engrave my experiences and memories in NY.


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